What if God Was One of Us?

If God didn’t exist, it would be necessary to invent him.


Our nature as a species groping its way through space-time and sentience as best we can is to ascribe the most abstract and challenging concepts outside ourselves. Since something “lesser” than we obviously could not create something beyond our ready comprehension, there must be something greater.

I am not saying I believe in God, I am not attacking your belief in a higher power. The nature of how we attempt to understand our own existence is hand-in-glove with how we presence our existence. It is in this relationship that I am exploring.

I am a Masters of Architecture in Architectural Design candidate at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London, England. This blog is a chronicle of my time in this program, whose theme this year is “Living Architecture.” Hence the Archi and the Viva. [just surprised the name wasn’t taken]

I’ll start you off with one good link to how design and our metaphysical self-deprecation come together through the comprehension of our own power as designers.

I hope to foster some meaningful and fun conversations and most of all make some great architecture this year. And I hope you join me in the pursuit.


p.s. If you like this, check out my regular blog over at The Zero Of Form. It might take a bit of a backseat this year, but I’m still there. -d



  1. Ah good, a Duane blog! please include lots of pictures chronicling your adventures.

    • Hey there, Paul!
      Actually, this is all centered on the theme of “living architecture” for class – but you can expect all of my typical “trials and travails” stuff to keep appearing over at thezeroofform.wordpress.com. Looking forward to a great year, and I hope you do stay tuned to both.

      Can’t wait to see you guys next time I’m in California!


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