Ecology Mapping

I am trying to get deeper into the nature of the interrelationships between things – the ecologies – of our two sites and of the particular(ly difficult) architectural problem I am dealing with now, the architecture of the moment before. I was thinking through how to represent the ecology, how to note and describe it at a level of abstraction. One of the first steps would be to ascribe a framework, a hierarchy…

I was thinking through all of this while blithely updating my “mindmap” with the recent ideas, influences, and problems I’m trying to sort through and I realized my obliviousness. I am already working on a hierarchy of ideas. The mindmap itself.

This is not a finished product, just a snapshot of my “mindmap” as it stands now, but I thought it would be useful to share.

Mind Map Snapshot 091109

Work in Progress - Click to take a closer look

You can find your own OPEN SOURCE mindmapping software here.


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