these words are not premature . These words may be too late.

An interesting old piece about William Burroughs and his cut-up technique. My interest is in the idea that the “content” and significance of your message can emerge from the process of creation itself. The raw material with which to create is all around us.

Of course, this path has been trodden before by Burroughs and others, notably Genesis P-Orridge:

“COUM’s shamanic improvisations … were often not conceptualized until the very moment of the performances, if at all. Indeed, the point often escaped the performers themselves. For P-Orridge and Tutti it was about freeing themselves (and the spectators) of their own taboos by performing benign exorcisms of a sick society’s malignancies.”

much more information, including the SHOCKING DETAILS that were left out of the above passage from a very good interview here.

Leave your skepticism or any squeamishness aside, and remember as P-Orridge says in another interview*, that one’s own life and experiences are source material, and that through the process of editing and reconfiguring, new realities can emerge. It’s not from whence the ideas come, but what you do with them.

In the words of Robert Anton Wilson, “Reality is what you can get away with.”

*footnote: I cannot locate this interview right now.


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