Balthazar Holz

Balthazar Holz

There is an incredible set of drawings of the decay of a stable form on Woods’s blog are purportedly by a “Balthazar Holz”… The statements and drawings are incredible and must be looked at.

Click here or on the image above.

Holz apparently believed that the act of designing is no more than the beginning of a process of formation and reformation, that is, trans-formation, that continues far beyond the architect’s domain of intention and control…

…I think Holz actually believes that architects are absolutely important as initiators of a transformative process.  Designing, in effect, sets rules by which all future transformation is perceived and handled. He is, it seems, demanding more of architects than most presently give—namely, that they factor into their designs the subtle and variable impact on architectural form of the unpredictable and the unknown.

-Lebbeus Woods


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