The Geometries of Urban Shamanism

This is an incredible document. The original BBC documentary, rejected and never broadcast upon completion in 1979, documenting Iain Sinclair and the East London of his Lud Heat. This work is directly influential upon my current undertaking… more – but not all – on that here.

Thank you to Radio QBSaul for this. Mindbogglingly good.



Al Farrow
Trigger Finger of Santa da Guerra (II)
Guns, Bullets, Bullet Shells, Steel, Bone
20″h X 16″dia

Christian or Druid?

“The Dean of Southwark does not believe that it is to the glory of God and it is not therefore used in private memorial services.”

William Blake’s hymn, Jerusalem, banned in Southwark Cathedral in 2008, and various other places before.

“…But the Very Reverend Colin Slee believes it is not “to the glory of God” and as such should not be sung by choirs or congregations at the South Bank cathedral, on of Britain’s foremost churches…”

How interesting it is that this poem, by a man “known” to be “pious,” whose opening line is thought to refer to Christ, and which sings of the establishment of the seat of Christ’s second coming, the New Jerusalem, on the verdant hills of England, is constantly under scrutiny for its lack of religious merit. To what are these bishops referring? Is there something more sinister going on with the hymn? Is Blake speaking in some kind of… code?

In the carriage ride issue of From Hell, Dr. Gull speaks of the Masonic double-meanings encoded in the six churches of Nicholas Hawksmoor, and I have already discussed the Druidic associations of William Blake. What is the real story?

Call to Arms

from Peter Cook.

via Berg London.

/ˈvɪʒəˌnɛri/ [vizh-uh-ner-ee] adjective, noun,plural-ar·ies.
1. given to or characterized by fanciful, not presently workable, or unpractical ideas, views, or schemes: a visionary enthusiast.
2. given to or concerned with seeing visions.



Defined narrowly, a visionary is one who purportedly experiences a vision or apparition connected to the supernatural. At times this involves seeing into the future. The visionary state is achieved via meditation, drugs, lucid dreams, daydreams, or art.

…Artists may produce work loosely categorized as visionary art for its luminous content and/or for its use of artistic techniques that call for the use of extended powers of perception in the viewer…